In the following, we present you some of our local clubs.

Aeroclub Bremen

As part of the Deutscher Aero Club, a Taifun 17EII is being flown at Airfield Ganderkesee.

Aviatic-Club Ganderkesee

The Aviativ-Club Ganderkesee offers everyone interested in flying a forum for General Aviation.

Club der Flieger Oldenburg

The club CDFO was founded in 1963 and consists of 58 passionate pilots and airwomen. The heterogeneous job structure proves that flying isn’t just for privileged people anymore, but for all people of all job groups.

Deutsche Küstenwache

The German Federal Coast Guard improves security of our environment tremendously by monitoring from the air. In that way, oil pollutions can be reported early on coasts and island beaches so that they can be removed as quick as possible before human or animal come to grief.

Freiballonverein Niedersachsen

Since 1987 – so more than 25 years – does this club exist, that still practices the balloon sport with a continued growing fascination.

Luftsport-Verein Ganderkesee

Meaning and aim of this association is enabling practicing aviation sports to active or promoting members for small money or the participation in such.

Luft Sport Verein Hude

On June 9, 1951 the Luftsportverein Hude e.V. was been founded and is part of DAeC Lower Saxony. It enables gliding on Airfield Ganderkesee.

Sternflieger Ganderkesee

The Sternflieger “star flyers” is a local merger of aviation sport enthusiasts and and operate two ultralight airplanes of type C 42. Our motto is “frequent flyers help rare flyers”.