Experience Flying

Airfield Ganderkesee is the ideal starting point for flights in the beautiful North Sea region. Numerous airfields on the North Sea coast serve as a great destination for an excursion.

After breakfast in the Airfield Hotel & Restaurant, let yourself enchant by the charm of the region. As an impulse, read here:


The Large Coast Route

Just North of Airfield Ganderkesee you will reach the Weser (River) that you will follow downstream past the Hunte (River) mouth, the little city Elsfleht, Harrier Sand, Brake and Nordenham until Bremerhaven. Observe the harbor installation, Germany’s longest quay wall, and the wide open mouth of the Weser transitioning into the North Sea.

zzzzzmo_300_z Hafen-Bremerhaven


On West course, you will cross the promontory Butjadingen with the North Sea baths Burhave, Fedderwadersiel and Tossens. After passing the Jade Bay, you will reach Wilhelmshaven. There can be found the deepwater port (JadeWeserPort) and the biggest national petroleum entrepôt.



Past by Hooksiel inland trough and the village Hooksiel, you will reach the region Wangerland with the coast towns Horumersiel and Schillig. Germany’s largest campsite can be found in Schillig.

In sight distance you can already perceive Wangerooge, the easternmost of the seven East Frisian Islands. Additionally, the islands Minsener Oog and Mellum, uninhabited reserves, can be seen. Six of the East Frisian Islands hold an airfield – besides Wangerooge that is Langeoog, Baltrum, Norderney, Juist and Borkum – and therefore quite popular destinations for pilots. Only Spiekeroog is „car“ as well as „flyer“ free.

The island Borkum, located in the far West, qualifies as a deep-sea island due to its distance to the coast. One should not forget about the young islands Memmert and Kachelotplate between Juist and Borkum. On these islands seals and birds live completely peaceable. From the aircraft you get an exclusive look on the heart of the National Park Wattenmeer.


Coming from Borkum flying a Southwest course, you will reach the mainland in the district Krümmhörn and the resort Greetsiel. There you can find several historical round villages (for example Upleward and Rysum) which structure is easily recognizable by plane.



North of the Dollart at the mouth of the Ems (River) lies the city Emden. The largest city of Eastern Frisia owns a major seaport, several shipyards and industrial facilities. A thousand vehicles of the biggest employer of the region wait for its shipment. The airfield Emden is located North of the city.


Upward the Ems follows the city Leer with a harbor as well. Worth seeing is the peninsula Nesse, today a modern, mixed used city quarter.


On roughly East course you will fly over Eastern Frisia now with the towns Filsum, Detern and Apen. The region is agricultural, but also has industry and trade settlements.

The health resort Bad Zwischenahn follows, South at the Zwischenahner Meer, the Pearl of the Ammerland. Bad Zwischenahn is a significant tourism and water sport town in the region.

On the Western edge of the university city Oldenburg, you can see the Airbase Oldenburg, developed by solar panels for a few years now. Oldenburg has approx. 160,000 inhabitants and is with that one of the regional centers in Lower Saxony.

Along the Autobahn 28 you will fly back to Airfield Ganderkesee.

Naturally, the Coast Route can be flown in opposite direction and direct flights to the islands from Ganderkesee are, of course, also possible 😉