Aircraft Charter

You hold a pilot’s license and want to charter an aircraft?

Atlas Airfield GmbH would like to offer you single-engine aircraft in different sizes (Cessna F150M, 172, 182 / Piper PA28-160 Warrior) and features (2 or 4 seats).

Our charter customers do not need to worry about refueling, cleaning, maintenance or applying for an insurance. Fuel is part of the charter price. The account must be balanced at the end of the month via your customer account.

Naturally our customers may expect punctual and technically impeccable provision of our aircrafts.

Reservation of aircraft is made via our charter module!

Our Charter Conditions

More information (including prices) of the aircrafts:

Cessna F 150 M

More Information

Cessna 172

More Information

Cessna 172 N

More Information

Piper PA-28 Warrior

More Information

Cessna 182J IFR

More Information

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