Hangar Places

Parking at Airfield Ganderkesee

Our Airfield offers a lot of different Hangar places for all sizes of aircrafts. You may choose between 40 single hangars and about 30 places in large-capacity hangars.

Taxiways are asphalted.

To give you an overview of the locations of the hangars, take a look at our Site Plan.

Tenants of our hangar places are allowed to Fly without Air Traffic Controller (FwATC). That means you are independent of hours of operation of the tower. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

Refueling is also possible outside of operational hours if you have a hangar at Airfield Ganderkesee. The gas station has been modernized in 2013 and upgraded to a computerized, automatic chip card system.

Renting and administration is being done by WEYSA GmbH.

More information (incl. prices) about our hangars:

Our t-boxes are located on the east side of our airfield and are accessible via a separate entrance gate with an integrated chip system. Every hangar has its own entrance way. You can park your car in your t-box during flying times. The advantage of a single hangar, besides your private use, is the option of storing your private belongings.

The gas station is located right in the 8 rows of t-boxes.

We offer 5 different categories of t-boxes.

List of Single Hangars incl. prices


Your Counterparts
Dunja Schaffarczik and Jochen Klein
Tel: +49 4222 10 95

The Aerodrome might be our most appealing and comfortable solution of our hangar places. Aircrafts of all sizes can be parked here.

The Hall has an area of over 3.600 m² and offers 25 parking places.

As to be seen on the pictures below, the aircrafts are only parked on the sides. That way you can maneuver easily through the middle. The main gate runs electrically and is connected to the taxiway.

Every tenant has a fixed place in the hall (Low wing aircraft, then high wing, responsively)

Part of the Aerodrome is a briefing room, a small workshop, our Flight Academy, Charter, sanitary installations and club rooms of the Aviatic Club.

A pusher is available for free for our customers. More service can be offered, just ask us.

Car parking is available in front of the building. You may also park it on your aircraft spot when you are gone flying.

Normally our hangar places are rented for a longer time span:

Aerodrome Price List for a fixed place

You also have the option to rent a hangar place for a daily basis.


Counterparts can be reached at the facility from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. during the week as well as during the weekends most of the time.

Your Counterparts
Dunja Schaffarczik and Wilfried Peters
Tel: +49 4222 1095 or +49 4222 94 79 890

The Hangar West I is a cheap but attractive parking option on our airfield.

It has a total parking area of 1.200 m² and place for about 10 aircrafts.

In this hangar you may need to maneuver other aircrafts to be able to bring out yours.

Monthly rent is 3,00 € per square meter (incl. 19 % VAT). The amount of square meters is being calculated by multiplying span times length of your airplane.

Availability: None at the moment.

Your Counterparts
Dunja Schaffarczik and Jochen Klein
Tel: +49 4222 10 95

Some of our single hangars have small adjoining rooms. These are liked to be used for storage or for outdoor furniture, which can be brought outside in the summer to enjoy the air and the by-flying aircrafts.

These rooms can be rented separately and can be locked separately.

Monthly rent is between 59,50 € and 83,30 € (incl. 19 % VAT)

Availability: At the moment we have 3 rooms for rent.

Your Counterparts
Dunja Schaffarczik and Jochen Klein
Tel: +49 4222 10 95